What’s in a Name: An Ode to the Slip Dress

slip cover

I am constantly amused by the hypocrisy of humans – specifically in regards to acceptance of undergarments worn in public, solely based on what we call them. Step out into public in your bra and underwear and you’re a skank with a chance of getting arrested; yet that same ensemble called a … [continue]

More is More.


Debtor:           “Hey man here’s that money I owe you.” Creditor:         “Thanks but…this is only ten bucks, you owe me fifty.” Debtor:           “You know, I always like to say that less is more.” Creditor:         “Less is more huh? So even though ten dollars is monetarily less than fifty, it’s actually more in terms of benefits? Wow, […]


Put a Glove on It


You hear it nearly everyday growing up. You attend classes in school on the subject, watch videos and PSA’s; maybe in the 70’s it was only for sailors going from port to port, but this is 2013 and I’m talking about protection. You’d think with all the potential dangers, sob stories and warnings I would’ve […]


You Say You Want an Evolution

evo cover

Take a look a photos of yourself from years past and chances are you will have one or more of the following thoughts: A. Oh my God I can’t believe I was that fat! B. I can’t believe I styled my hair that way and thought it looked good! C. What was I wearing and […]


PSA: A Tale of Two Sides

front and back

You see it every day – a beauty walking towards you with flawless hair and makeup but check her rear view and beauty turns to beast– with a disheveled do and lump-hugging pants. Is that the same woman?! If you only ever saw the front of someone, chances are your impression of him/her would be […]


The Pursuit of Laziness

lazy cover

Have you ever shut yourself in your bathroom with the shower on full blast at that hottest temperature, hoping to steam the wrinkles out of your shirt? How about slept in your clothes so you wouldn’t have to bother getting dressed in the morning? If you answered yes to either of these or have participated […]


Face Melt

face melt cover

Have you ever seen something labeled, one-size fits all? If so, you’ve probably been a little skeptical about its size-defying properties. How can this be? If there really is a singular size that can fit everyone then why bother assigning numbers to clothing and thus complexes to people? What is this space-aged technology and why […]


Brow Raising

brows - cover

So many times throughout our childhood and teenage years, our parents told us things that we could only balk at. Eat your vegetables, exercise or your bad eating habits will catch up with you, don’t drink and drive, save your money, make a plan for your future…in our minds they were merely telling us these […]


Get it White

white cover

White is such an underappreciated and underutilized color – such a pristine hue is not made for the filthy world we live in. Many people are afraid to wear white or purchase white things, knowing they’ll have to go to great lengths to protect these items which will inevitably get dirty and stained at some […]


Back in the Saddle: Retin A Diary Week 3

retin a week 3

Disclaimer:  I did not make the photo you see above – I found this on a skincare website. I can’t say whether these results are real or if they were photoshopped, but I thought they were worth showing. As of last Thursday, I’m back on Retin-A as I promised I would be! Interestingly enough, this […]